Asynchronicity in JavaScript

Introduction Asynchronicity is one of the most used and most important aspect of “JavaScript”, so let’s review it. In this post, we’ll start by learning what “v8” and the “events loop” are. Then we’ll talk a bit about callback functions before exploring what promises and observables are. The idea of this post is not to […]

Generators with ES6

As we saw in the post “Make your ES6 classes iterable“, you can make a class iterable by returning a specific object containing a “next” function used by the “for … of” loop to get the different values. As a reminder, the “next” function returns an object with two properties: “value” defines the current value […]

Make your ES6 classes iterable

If you ever worked with ES6, you probably learned how to use the “for … of” loop and what’s the difference between this loop and the “for … in” one, but what you might not know is how this loop works (my apologize if you do :-)). However, to ensure that everything is crystal clear, […]

Use MutationObserver to spy on the DOM

Have you ever wished that you could “listen to” changes that happen in the DOM? Of course, you have “event handlers” for this, it’s as easy as this: View the code on Gist. However, you can’t catch everything with that. Indeed, what if you want to be notified when the text or an attribute value […]